3D-Beamforming und Wellenfeldsynthese

Holoplot bietet Webinar zu Immersive Sound durch Raumakustik


Holoplot bietet ein spezielles Webinar zu seinen Techniken des 3D-Beamformings und Wellenfeldsynthese. Das englischsprachige Webinar findet am 3. Juli 2019 um 16:00 Uhr statt.


Aus dem Begleittext zum Webinar: With high profile installations in museums, concert halls, and many other public venues, immersive audio has become a significant global trend during the last few years. But it is often the case that immersive sound installations are time-and cost-intensive exercises involving complex audio design work and multiple loudspeaker positions.

Into this emerging market, Holoplot has launched a solution with its technology that offers a simpler and more effective method of delivering immersive sound experiences. In this special seminar, Holoplot will introduce this technology and explain how it can be applied to a wide variety of installations and applications.
A global leader in 3D Beamforming
Based in Berlin, Holoplot is a global leader in wavefield synthesis and 3D beamforming. Its technology offers maximum optimization and control of audio and has been applied to immersive audio projects in venues around the world. The current product range is based around the Io audio module, the Eta processing core and the Orbit software interface.

During the webinar, Holoplot will provide an overview of its 3D beamforming capabilities and explore the possibilities of sonic immersion and wave field synthesis. Specific topics to be examined will include: spatial sound reproduction; definitions of ‘immersive sound’ and other related terms; criteria that can be used to address and improve quality; and the future outlook for immersive sound.

By the end of the session, you will have gained a good understanding of how 3D beamforming, virtual sound sources, and their individual configuration can deliver unrivaled flexibility for sound designers and acoustic planners to develop immersive audio installations with a centralized loudspeaker matrix.

In summary, the Holoplot webinar will show how you can take a new and productive route to the design and delivery of compelling immersive audio experiences.

To register for the webinar please visit Holoplot’s registration website.

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